Register an MFA Device with a Secret Unique Key

Users can use a secret unique key to register their device for multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Prerequisites: See Multi-factor Authentication Overview.

Steps to register a device with a secret unique key

  1. On your smartphone, open the virtual authenticator app.
  2. In the app, select the "Add Account" or "Manual Entry" option. This may vary depending on the app.
  3. Enter a name or label for the account.
  4. Enter the secret key from the Cornerstone MFA page. This will be a random sequence of characters and numbers, such as Q5DADUPKCKOPK6JVJQOZMIVZ7FXHUAYE.
  5. The app will recognize the secret code and add the account.
  6. After adding the account to your virtual authenticator app, the app will generate a one-time code. Enter this code into the Cornerstone MFA page to verify the setup and confirm that the virtual authenticator app is correctly set up.
  7. Once verified, your MFA device is active. Now, each time you log in to your account, you must open your virtual authenticator app to generate a temporary code to complete the login process. See Login Process - Log in Using Multi-factor Authentication.