IP Blocking

Some clients need to restrict employee's access to the portal when they are not at work. Generally this is because if they are accessing learning outside of work hours they are eligible for overtime pay.

Clients generally have IP addresses from which their employees are expected to be accessing the portal while at work.

IP Blocking or IP Whitelist allows clients to "safe list" acceptable IP addresses for accessing the portal, which only grants those IP addresses access. If the IP address from which the user attempts to access the portal is not on the safe list, the user cannot access the portal.

Administrators may have permission to bypass the security control and access the portal outside of the IP safe list.

Implementation of an IP safe list requires a list of authorized IP addresses and must be coordinated with your Implementation Manager or Global Customer Support.

When IP ranges are designated, it takes up to three hours for the safe list to take effect.

Users are notified via error message if attempting to access the portal from an unauthorized IP address. Clients with custom login pages should have messaging about authorized access on the login page and the client administrator contact information in order to assist with issues.