FTP Account - Reset Password

Administrators with the appropriate permissions are able reset the password for an FTP account. This action updates the login credential of the FTP account. People who log in to this account from outside the portal are affected.

When updating the FTP account password, it is important to ensure all concerning parties are properly informed in advance to avoid issues such as data feed failure.

To reset the password for an FTP account, go to Admin > Tools > Core > FTP Account Access. Then, select the Options menu for the appropriate FTP account and select the Reset Password option.

On the Reset Password page:

  1. Enter the new password in the Create New Password field. Ensure the new password conforms to the password standards described on the page. Note: The password standards that display are configured by Cornerstone for the FTP server.
  2. Enter the new password again in the Confirm New Password field. If the two passwords do not match, you will receive an error and will need to re-enter your password in one or both fields to ensure they are the same.
  3. Click the Proceed button. This causes a validation message to appear.
  4. In the "Read Before You Proceed" pop-up message, ensure you understand the ramifications of your password change, and then enter a reason for changing the account's password. This field is required. If you wish to exit the Reset Password process without changing the account's password, you can click the Cancel link.
  5. Click the Submit button after entering a reason for the change. The new password will be applied to the FTP account.