Custom Login Pages - Manage

From the Custom Login Pages page, administrators can create, edit, manage, and preview custom login pages.

Only login pages created using the Custom Login Page Tool are accessible via the Dashboard. If a custom page has been previously created for your organization by Cornerstone, it will not display.

While you cannot build a single multilingual page, you can instead build multiple pages and fill in the text values in the desired languages.

Note: Custom login pages are not copied during a copy-down.

To manage custom login pages, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Core Preferences > Custom Login Page.

Create Custom Login Page

To create a login page, select the New Page button. See Custom Login Page - Create/Edit.

Custom Login Page Table

The Login Page table displays all the existing login pages with the following information:

  • Title - This displays the title that was given for the login page when it was created.
  • URL - This displays the URL to access the corresponding login page.
  • Template - This displays the template applied to the login page.
  • Last Updated - This displays the date and time at which the login page was most recently updated.

Activate or Deactivate Login Page

The Active toggle enables administrators to make a login page active or inactive.

When the toggle is enabled, the login page is accessible to the public. When the toggle is disabled, the corresponding login page is not accessible to the public, and users will receive an error when attempting to use the page URL.

Set Default Login Page

Select the Default checkbox next to the login page that should act as the default for the portal.

The default login page is the page that users will be directed to when they access your portal's core URL, such as

Delete, Edit, or Preview Login Page

The following actions are available for each login page:

  • Delete - Select this option to permanently delete the login page. When this option is selected, a confirmation message is displayed before the page is deleted. This option is not available for the default login page.
  • Edit - Select this option to modify the login page. See Custom Login Page - Create/Edit.
  • Preview - Select this option to preview the login page in a new browser window. This enables the administrator to see how the login page will appear to the public.