Create a Capability Category

Capability categories allow administrators to categorize their capabilities into a hierarchical list of categories. This can facilitate skill management by filtering skills by business unit, functional area, vertical, or any other relevant categorization in the Capability Library.

To create a capability category, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Capabilities > Capability Categories. Then, select the Create button.

To edit a capability category from the Manage Categories page, select the three-dot menu for the category and select Edit.


Enter a name for the category. The category name will be visible to administrators when creating capabilities. This field is mandatory.

Parent Category

When creating categories in a hierarchy, you can select the parent category for the category you are creating. This is optional. If no parent category is selected, then the category is created at the top level of the category hierarchy.

Up to five category levels can exist within the category hierarchy.

Save or Cancel

Select Save to create the category. Select Cancel to discard the changes.