Capabilities Preferences (Open Beta) - Edit Proficiency Levels

This functionality is available in Stage and Pilot portals with the October '20 Release. It is not available in Production portals.

Capabilities may be broken into multiple proficiency levels, providing more targeted assessment questions and training recommendations. Proficiency levels cannot be removed once they have been used in a capability. There is a limit of 10 proficiency levels per portal.

Important: The Capabilities and Skills Profile functionality is currently in an Open Beta status. As a result, the functionality is evolving weekly, and this documentation may become out of date or incomplete. The next scheduled update of this documentation is scheduled for the February 2021 release. For feature updates and the most up-to-date documentation, please visit the Capabilities Beta community in the Cornerstone Success Center.

To edit Proficiency Levels in Capabilities Preferences, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Capabilities > Preferences. The Proficiency Levels tab is selected by default.

By default, three proficiency levels are available (Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert), but these can be modified. To modify the proficiency level labels, add or remove levels, or edit level descriptions, select the Edit Proficiency Levels button.

Edit Name and Description

The following text fields are available for each proficiency level:

  • Name - Enter a descriptive name for the proficiency level. This should clearly indicate the level of competence that is associated with the level so that end users and administrators may confidently understand the difference between the proficiency levels. This field is required. The character limit for this field is 50.
  • Description - Enter a detailed description for the proficiency level. This should provide additional information about the proficiency level so that all users and administrators understand the how to utilize the proficiency level. This field is optional. The character limit for this field is 200.

Add Proficiency Level

By default, three proficiency levels are available, but organizations may choose to build a more granular proficiency level by adding levels.

To add a new proficiency level, select the Add Level button. A new level is added at the bottom of the list.

Change Proficiency Level Order

The proficiency level at the top of the list always represents the level with the least proficiency, and the proficiency level at the bottom of the list always represents the level with the most proficiency.

You may change the order of the proficiency levels by selecting the up arrow or down arrow next to the appropriate proficiency level.

Remove Proficiency Level

To remove an proficiency level from the list, select the Remove icon next to the appropriate proficiency level.


All changes on this page are not saved until the page is saved. This includes changes to level names, adding new levels, and reordering levels.

To save your changes to the proficiency levels, select the Save button.

To exit the Capabilities Preferences page without saving your changes, select the Cancel button.