Manage Objectives - Create a New Objective

The Manage Objectives page enables administrators to define learning objectives and associate skills to curate content quickly and easily and track progress.

Add at least three objectives for an optimum experience.

To create an objective, select the Configuration menu and then select the Manage Objectives option. Select the New objective button.

  1. Configure the following details for the objective:
    1. Select a language - From the drop-down, select the language associated with the objective.
    2. Name - Enter a unique name for the objective.
    3. Description - Enter a description to help other administrators understand how to use the objective.
  2. Select Continue.
  3. Associate skills with the objective in the following ways:
    1. In the Add new skill field, enter the name of a skill and select matching skills.
    2. In the Skills Recommended section, select any relevant skills. This section recommends skills based on the objective name and description.
  4. Select Save.