Content Studio - Manage Objectives

The Manage Objectives page enables administrators to define learning objectives and associate skills to curate content quickly and easily and track progress.

To view the Manage Objectives page, select the Configuration menu and then select the Manage Objectives option.

Search Objectives

Administrators can search for objectives by name and description.

Create a New Objective

To create a new objective, select the New objective button. See Manage Objectives - Create a New Objective.

Created Objectives

The following information displays for each created objective:

  • Objective name
  • Number of skills associated with the objective
  • The date on which the objective was created


The following options are available for each objective:

  • View - Select this option to view the objective description and the skills associated with it.
  • Edit - Select this option to edit the objective details, including name, description, and associated skills.
  • Delete - Select this option to delete the objective.