Content Studio - Publish Collection as a Playlist

When a collection is sent for review, the reviewer can publish the collection as a playlist in the Cornerstone CSX Learning platform. Only the reviewer can publish a collection. Because of this, a collection must be sent for review before it can be published.

To access Content Studio, go to Content > Content Studio. Then, select the Content Studio link.

To publish a collection as a playlist, go to Curation > Your collections. Select the Pending Reviews tab. Then, select tile for the appropriate collection. After reviewing the collection, select the Publish button in the collection header. This opens the Publish collection flyout.

The Pending Reviews tab only displays collections for which you are designated as the reviewer. In addition, the Publish button is only available for the designated reviewer.

Publish Now

Select the Publish now button to publish the collection to the Cornerstone CSX platform as a playlist. Reviewers must have permission to create playlists in the Cornerstone CSX platform to perform this action.

A confirmation box is displayed. Select the View in LMS button to open the playlist in the Learning Management System.

Note: The availability for each course in the playlist must be adjusted separately. Even if the playlist is made available to a user in the Cornerstone CSX platform, users can only view and access the courses if they are within the course's availability.

Download Collection as CSV

Select the Download Collection as CSV button to download the collection as a CSV file. See Content Studio - Export a Collection as CSV.