Content Studio - Email Notifications

The following email notifications are available for Content Studio:

  • User Added as Collection Reviewer - When someone is added as a reviewer for a collection, an email is sent to the collection reviewer, and it contains the collection title and description.
  • New Collection Comment Added - When someone adds a comment to a collection, an email is sent to the collection creator, and it contains the name of the user who left the comment, the comment text, and the date on which the comment was added.
  • Weekly Reminder to Review and Publish Content - A weekly reminder email is sent to any collection reviewer who has not yet published a collection for which they are a reviewer. The email contains a list of all collections that are pending their approval.
  • Customer Acknowledgment for Contact Us - When a customer selects the Contact Us option and completes the form to contact Cornerstone regarding new subscriptions, an acknowledgment email is now sent to the customer. This reassures the customer that their request has been submitted.


The content in the emails cannot be customized.