Consumption Insights: Learners and Learning Styles

Before this enhancement, the consumption data available in Content Studio did not help determine the effectiveness of content.

With this enhancement, the registration and completion data that was previously available is replaced with more relevant consumption data. Organizations can get detailed consumption data for content within their organization and across all Cornerstone customers to get a deeper understanding of consumption patterns.

The following consumption metrics are now available:

  • Number of learners - Organizations can view how many learners have consumed the training within their organization and across all of Cornerstone's customers.
  • Learning styles - Organizations can view what percentage of learners consumed the training due to an assignment versus self-directed.
  • All-time versus Last Quarter - Organizations can toggle between last quarter's data and all historical data.

Content Studio Playlist

Click here to access the Content Studio playlist, which includes a video overview and the Starter Guide.

Previous Consumption Insights

Updated Consumption Insights


Consumption data is available for content purchased through Cornerstone only. Consumption information for proprietary content will be available in future releases.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using Content Studio.