Content Studio Discovery Only Experience for all CSX Customers

With this enhancement, a new Discovery Only experience is now available for Cornerstone CSX customers who have not purchased any content from Cornerstone. The Discovery Only experience enables Content Curators or Learning Administrators from any organization to browse and evaluable the available content subscriptions prior to purchasing content.

For CSX customers who have not purchased any content from Cornerstone, Administrators and Curators can access the Explore Subscriptions page within the Subscriptions portion of Content Studio. This enables them to browse Cornerstone curated subscriptions and partner subscriptions. For these organizations, the Curation portion of Content Studio is disabled until they purchase content, at which point the Curation module is automatically enabled within 48 hours.

Content Studio Playlist

Click here to access the Content Studio playlist, which includes a video overview and the Starter Guide.


The Content Studio Discovery Only experience is automatically enabled for all Cornerstone CSX customers who have not purchased any content from Cornerstone. The Content Studio role is assigned to the default System Administrator role. Administrators with access will see Content Studio under the Content navigation tab.

Content Studio is only available in Production environments.

Content Studio is not available for Life Science customers or customers located in swim lane 4.


Access to Content Studio is controlled by the Access Content Studio permission or by assigning users to the Content Studio security role.

To access Content Studio, go to Content > Content Studio. Then, select the Content Studio link. Content Studio opens in a new browser tab or window.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Access Content Studio Grants ability to access Content Studio from the Cornerstone CSX application. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. System Administration