Test Questions Pending Grading

The Test Questions Pending Grading page displays free-form essay questions that have been answered by users on a test but have not yet been graded. From this page, you can also access and grade users' responses.

Note: Test graders receive an email notification that a test is waiting to be graded, if the Test Grading Notification email is active.

Note: The Test Grading functionality is controlled by a backend setting. To enable the setting for your portal, contact Global Customer Support. When turned off, the Test Grading functionality is disabled, and the Test Grading navigational link does not appear in the Content tab.

To access the Test Questions Pending Grading page, go to Content > Test Grading.

Feature Description
1 Search - You can filter the results by using the Search feature. Enter a user's last name in the User Name field, and then click Search. All users matching that last name appear in the Questions Pending Grading table.
2 Include Inactive Users - administrators can choose to view inactive users pending grading by selecting the Include Inactive Users checkbox.

Questions Pending Grading Table - The following information appears for each pending question:

  • Name - This column displays the name of the user that completed the answer to the question.
  • Identifier - This column displays the OU and position OU associated with the user.
  • Test Name - This column displays the name of the test on which the question was answered.
  • ID - This column displays the question's ID number.
  • Question Text - This column displays the question that the user answered.
  • Submit Date - This column displays the date and time that the user submitted the test.
  • View Details - Click the View Details icon to open the Answer Details page on which you can view and grade the response. See Answer Details Page.

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