Review Test Page

The Review Test page enables administrators to review a user's responses test and print the results. Administrators can also reset a test from the Review Test page. If a user retakes a test, each attempt appears in a separate row for each user.

To access the Review Test page, go to Content > Test Engine. Then, click the Review icon in the Options column.

Feature Description
1 Search - You can filter the results by using the Search feature. Enter a user's last name in the User Name field, and then click Search. All users matching that last name appear in the Questions Pending Grading table.

Questions Pending Grading Table - The following information appears for each pending question:

  • User - This column displays the name of the user that completed the test.
  • Attempt Date - This column displays the date and time that the user submitted that attempt of the test.
  • Attempt/Possible - This column displays the number of times the user has attempted the test and the number of attempts possible.
  • Score - This column displays the user's score on the test.
  • Passed - This column indicates whether or not the user passed the test.

Options - The following options are available for each attempt:

  • View Details - Click the View Details icon to open the Review Test Questions page on which you can view which questions a user answered correctly and incorrectly. You can also view the response options and an answer explanation, if available. See Review Test Questions.
  • Reset - Click the Reset icon to reset the user's test. This allows users to retake a test for which they have reached the maximum number of attempts possible. See Adjust User Test Attempts.

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