Adjust User Test Attempts

Administrators with permission to review a test are able to adjust the test attempts for a user.

To adjust a user's test attempts, go to Admin > Tools > Catalog Management > Tests. Then, click the Review icon in the Options column next to a test. Note: This icon only appears next to a test when at least one user has taken the test. Then, click the Reset Test icon in the Options column.

From the Adjust User Test Attempts pop-up, the following options are available:

  • Reset the attempt status to allow the user to go back and continue the test from the point of previous disruption
  • Delete an entire user attempt - This option allows you to remove a test attempt from the user's test history.
  • Add new attempt for user - This option lets you allow a user who has reached their test attempt limit to take the test again.
  • Set lockout period before users may re-attempt - From the dropdown menus, select the number of days or months a user must wait before they can re-attempt the test. If no time is selected, the user will not be locked out and will be able to re-attempt the test immediately after taking the test the first time.