Create/Edit Categories

When creating and editing categories, administrators can create stand alone categories or define parent/child relationships for categories. Up to five levels can be defined for each category within a parent/child relationship.

To access the Categories tab, go to Content > Question Bank. Or, go to Content > Test Engine. On the Test Engine page, click the View Question Bank link. This opens the Question Bank page. Then, click the Categories tab.

the create/edit fields display in a panel above the Categories table.

Complete the following fields to create or edit a category:

  1. Category Title - Enter a title for the category, up to 100 characters. Unicode characters are accepted. If multiple languages are enabled for your portal, select the Translate icon to translate the field into other available languages.
  2. Reference Number - Enter a reference number, up to 50 characters. The reference number must be unique. Unicode characters are accepted. Reference numbers are used when bulk loading/editing categories into the system. The reference number specifies the category that is being loaded or edited. The option to provide a reference number is only available if enabled by a backend setting. To enable this feature, contact Global Customer Support. When enabled, this is a required field. Upon implementation, a reference number can be added to existing categories.
  3. Note: The bulk loading/editing of categories is done via a technical project. Contact your Account Manager for more information about this process.

  4. Parent Category - Select a parent category to make the category a child category. Each parent category can have up to five hierarchical levels.
  5. Active - Select or unselect the check box. When selected, the category is active. When unselected, the category is inactive. Note: Inactivating a parent category inactivates all child categories of the parent.

Click Save to save the category. Or, click Cancel to cancel creating or editing the category.