Question Categories

The Categories tab displays all categories in the Question Bank. From this tab, administrators can create and edit categories. Categories can also be organized into parent and child relationships to improve the organization of categories.

To access the Categories tab, go to Content > Question Bank. Or, go to Content > Test Engine. On the Test Engine page, click the View Question Bank link. This opens the Question Bank page. Then, click the Categories tab.

Feature Description
Create New Category Click the Create New Category link to create a new category for questions. See Create New Category for information on creating categories.
Show Inactive Select this option to display inactive categories. This option is unchecked by default.
Branched View Select this option to view a hierarchical view of the categories in the Categories table. This option is selected by default.
Flat View Select this option to view a list of all categories in the Categories table. This display does not show the hierarchical category relationships.
Categories Table The following information displays for categories:
  • Name - This column displays the name of the category. When an administrator views a category, if the category is not available in their display language, it appears in the language of the administrator that created the category.
  • Reference Number - This column displays the category's reference number, as defined by the administrator when creating/editing the question. This column only displays if the reference number feature is enabled. To enable this feature, contact Global Customer Support.
  • ID - This column displays the system-generated identification number for the category. This number cannot be defined by the administrator and cannot be edited.
  • Active - The Active column checkbox is read-only. Note: The Active status of a category is managed by clicking the Edit icon.
Options The following options are available in the Options column:
  • Edit - Click the Edit icon to edit the category. See Create/Edit Categories.
  • Delete - Click the Delete icon to delete the category. When deleting a parent category, all child categories of the parent are also deleted. A warning message displays indicating that the child categories of the parent will be deleted.