Online Course - Create Version - Training Content (Step 1)

During the first step of creating a new version of an online course, upload the new course files.

To create a new version of an online course, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management and click the Course Catalog link. Find the online coursein the Course Catalog and then click the course title. From the Course Console page, click the Options drop-down menu and click the Create Version option.

Training Content

Upload Files

To upload a new set of course files:

  1. Drag and drop your zipped SCORM or AICC course files into the Upload Files box, or click the Add Files button and select the zipped course files from your computer. Note: Courses must be zipped into a single zip file. You can upload up to 750 MB per file.
  2. After the course files have been added, they will begin uploading. Click the Refresh Status button to view the most current status of the upload. A progress bar below the files displays the ongoing upload progress for the files. Each set of files displays the following information:
    • File name
    • File Type
    • Status (i.e. Uploading, Critical Error)
  3. If there are problems with the upload, the status changes to Critical Error, and you can click the View Error Report button to view the reasons for the upload errors and address any issues. See Online Course - View Errors.. Note: You cannot use content that is uploaded with a critical error, but you can use content that is uploaded with errors. Once the files successfully finish uploading, they are transferred to the Processing section. Continue managing the upload from the Processing section.

Note: It is recommended that you always preview your uploaded files to ensure the new version will play as expected once published.

Training Information

Once the files have finished uploading, you can preview the course by clicking the Preview button next to the files. If needed, you can delete the files and upload a new set of course files by clicking the Delete icon. If the course previews as expected, populate the following fields for the new version of the course:

  • Training Title - Enter the title for the new online course version. By default, the title for the previous course version is populated. This field is required.
  • Training Description - Enter the description for the new online class version. Formatting options are available for the training description. By default, the description for the previous course version is populated. This field is limited to 5000 characters.
  • Training Hours - Enter the number of training hours received for completion of the online course. The training hours from the manifest of the new version populate in this field automatically.
  • Provider - This field displays the provider of the online course. This field is read-only and is automatically populated from the original course version.
  • Enable for Mobile App - Choose the Yes option to enable this online class version for the mobile app. Choose the No option if the online course should not be available through the mobile app.

Save and Cancel

Once ready to proceed to the next step in the online course versioning process, click the Save button and continue to the Versioning Options page. See Online Course - Create Version - Versioning Options (Step 2).

To leave this page without saving any uploads or selections you have made, click the Cancel button.


  • If an upload is currently in progress for the online course when an administrator navigates to the Course Console page, a notification displays at the top of the Content section, alerting them to the in progress upload. If the administrator wishes to view the in progress upload, they can click the Resume button which displays in the notification. This directs the administrator to the versioning workflow. To resume the upload, click the Resume Upload button. Note: Clicking the Resume option will erase any edits made to the Training Information section. Always preview the upload BEFORE editing the Training Information
  • Multi-standard course packages are not allowed for versioning.

Online Course Reversioning - Course Catalog Settings

When an online course is reversioned, the following Course Catalog settings are copied to the new version from the previous version:

  • Approval Workflow
  • Attempts allowed
  • Badges
  • Competencies
  • Custom OU pricing
  • Enable Default Completion Message
  • Exclude from Recommendations
  • Is Mobile? checkbox
  • Points
  • Recommended courses
  • Recurrence
  • Signature Message
  • Skills
  • Training Purpose
  • Thumbnail Image
  • Training Units