Manage Connect Community Layout (Old)

Administrators can customize Connect Community layouts via Connect Administration.

To manage Community layouts, go to: Admin > Tools > Connect > Connect Administration and click the Communities link.

Customize Layout

To customize a Connect Communities layout:

  1. Click the Layout icon in the Options column next to a community.
  2. Widgets may be dragged and dropped to either two columns in any order.
  3. The Edit icon on the widget title bar can be used to edit the title and to specify number of items to display.
  4. To remove a widget from display, drag and drop the widget to the anchor area in the top right of the screen.
  5. Custom 1 or Custom 2 - To create custom message boxes, drag and drop Custom 1 and/or Custom 2 to the lower section of the screen and click the Edit icon to enter message (HTML friendly).
  6. Leaders - Drag and drop the Leaders widget to include the widget on the Community's main page. By default the widget will be titled "Leaders," and will display four community leaders.