Manage Community Templates

The Manage Community Templates page enables administrators to view, create, and edit community templates.

A community template contains default content, including a banner, an HTML widget, topics, and postings. A community template is created in order to be used with a cohort learning object (LO), and when a cohort LO is created using a community template, a cohort community is created with all of the default content from the community template. This enables administrators to quickly create new cohort communities for each new cohort, allowing each cohort to have their own unique experience.

To manage community templates, go to Admin > Tools > Connect > Community Templates.

Create New Template

To create a new community template, click the Create New Template button. See Community Template - Create/Edit.

Community Templates Table

The following information is displayed for each existing community template in the Templates table:

  • Template Name - Community templates are displayed in alphabetical order by template name. Click the template name to view the template. See Community Template - Administrator View.
  • Description - The first 200 characters of the template description are displayed. If the description contains HTML, the HTML is not displayed in the table.
  • Created By - Click the user's name to view their Universal Profile. If the administrator does not have permission to view the user's Universal Profile - Bio page, they receive an error message.
  • Create Date

Community Template Options

The Options drop-down enables users to perform actions on the template. Click the left side of the drop-down to perform the displayed action. Or, click the drop-down arrow to select a secondary action. The following options may be available for the template:

  • Edit Template - Select this option to edit the community template. See Community Template - Create/Edit.
  • Delete Template - Select this option to delete the community template. A confirmation pop-up is displayed. When a community template is deleted, all default topics and postings that are contained within the community template are also deleted.