Create Connect Community (Old)

  1. To create a connect community, go to Admin > Connect Administration and select Community Administration.
  2. From the Community Administration page, click Create New, which opens the Create Community page.
  3. Enter the following information for the community:
    • Community Name - Enter a name for the community. This is required.
    • Description - Enter a description that displays in search results on the Community main page The character limit is 1000. This is required.
    • Assigned Users - Select the users that are a part of the community. You can also create a new group by clicking the Create New Group link.
    • Leaders - Assign leaders to the community. Leaders can approve or deny member requests.
    • Tags - Enter words the user may enter when searching for the topic. Multiple tags can be entered, separated with a comma.
    • Topic - Either select an existing topic to assign to the community or click the Create New Topic link to create a new topic. If you remove a topic from a community, the topic still exists, but is no longer associated with the community.
    • Access Type - Select the access level for the community. This determines who can view and join the group.
      • Public - Anyone may view and join the community
      • Request Only - Anyone may view the community, but non-members must request membership to be approved or denied by community Leaders or Owner
      • Private - If users are not assigned to the community, they cannot view or join the community
  4. Click Submit.