Create Connect Community (Old)

Administrators can create Connect Communities via Community Administration.

To create a connect community, go to Admin > Connect Administration and select Community Administration.

Create Community

  1. From the Community Administration page, click Create New, which opens the Create Community page.
  2. Enter the following information for the community:
    • Community Name - Enter a name for the community. This is required.
    • Description - Enter a description that displays in search results on the Community main page The character limit is 1000. This is required.
    • Assigned Users - Select the users that are a part of the community. You can also create a new group by clicking the Create New Group link.
    • Leaders - Assign leaders to the community. Leaders can approve or deny member requests.
    • Tags - Enter words the user may enter when searching for the topic. Multiple tags can be entered, separated with a comma.
    • Topic - Either select an existing topic to assign to the community or click the Create New Topic link to create a new topic. If you remove a topic from a community, the topic still exists, but is no longer associated with the community.
    • Access Type - Select the access level for the community. This determines who can view and join the group.
      • Public - Anyone may view and join the community
      • Request Only - Anyone may view the community, but non-members must request membership to be approved or denied by community Leaders or Owner
      • Private - If users are not assigned to the community, they cannot view or join the community
  3. Click Submit.