Action Groups - Manage

Within Connect, action groups are used to grant users certain permissions within a community or topic. When availability is set for a community or topic, each criterion is associated with an action group, which enables users within the selected availability criterion to perform the actions associated with the selected action group.

The Manage Action Groups page allows administrators to define and configure custom action groups. All administrator-defined and system-defined action groups are available when creating or editing a community or topic.

To manage action groups for Connect, go to Admin > Tools > Connect > Action Groups.

Action Group - Create

To create a custom action group, click the Create Action Group button. See Action Group - Create.

Action Group - Edit

To edit an existing custom action group, click the action group name in the table. When a change to an action group is made, it will apply immediately to all members of the action group. See Action Group - Create.

Note: System-defined action groups cannot be edited.

Action Groups Table

The Manage Action Groups page displays all existing action groups, including all system-defined and custom action groups.

The following information is displayed for each action group:

  • Name - This is the name of the action group. The names of system-defined action groups are not clickable because they cannot be modified. The names of administrator-defined action groups are clickable and editable.
  • Description - This column displays the description provided for each action group.