Employee Salary Management - View Details Pop-up

The View Salary Details pop-up displays the users' salary or rate history. The most recent salary or rate is displayed first.

To view the Salary/Rate Details for a user, go to Admin > Tools > Compensation Management > Employee Salaries. Then, click the View icon in the Actions column for the appropriate user.

The following information is displayed in the pop-up:

  • Salary/Rate - This displays the user's salary or rate at the corresponding effective date.
  • Currency - This displays the currency in which the user's salary or rate is displayed.
  • Wage Type - This displays whether the user's salary or rate is annual or hourly.
  • Annual Equivalency - This displays the equivalent number of years or hours associated with the selected wage type. For example, for an Hourly wage type with 40 hours per week and 52 weeks, the Annual Equivalency is 2080 Hours. For an Annual wage type, the Annual Equivalency is 1 Year. Note: The user's annual equivalency is displayed for all entries prior to March 8, 2013.
  • Effective Date - This displays the date on which the salary or rate is effective. Each salary or rate entry in the table must have a unique effective date. Entries in this table are sorted by effective date from newest to oldest.
  • Last Updated By - This displays the name of the user who made the update. This also displays the date on which the update was made. If the salary is updated by a task, then the task title is displayed along with the date on which the salary is committed by the task. Note: For all salary or rate details that are entered prior to March 8, 2013, the user name is listed as Soap Admin and the date displayed is March 8, 2013 (03/08/2013).