Deferral Guidelines

The compensation deferral functionality enables employers to set deferral programs for their workforce based on criteria determined by the organization. Qualified employees can then view a breakdown of their deferral program on the compensation statement.

To access the Deferral Guidelines page, go to Admin > Tools > Compensation Management > Deferral Guidelines.

Use Cases

  • Organization requires portions of Bonus or Equity to be allocated in different payment methods.
  • Organization requires portions of Bonus or Equity to be deferred to dates in the future.
  • Organization requires deferral guidelines to apply based on OU and/or a set of conditions based on employee's compensation data, user fields, and/or performance/competency data.
  • Organization requires deferral payout schedules to be displayed on compensation statements.
  • Organization requires deferring of Bonus or Equity payments based on governmental regulations and laws.


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