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Compensation - Manage Currency Types

The Currency Types page provides administrators with an easy, single point-of-access to manage currency types for your organization.

You can perform the following tasks on the Currency Types page:

  • Enable/disable the status of currency types
  • View/edit currency types, decimal precisions, and the Corporate Currency See Compensation - View/Edit Currency Types.
  • Manage currency conversion rates See Compensation - Update Conversion Rates.
  • View Rate History

See Standard Currency Codes for a full list of standard currencies.

To access the Currency Types page, go to ADMIN > TOOLS > COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT > currencies.

Currency Types

The Currency Types table displays the following information for each currency type:

  • Corporate Currency - Displays the Currency the Organization uses as the base line for all conversion rates and payments. This be the home currency for the organization or the main static currency.
  • Hide inactive currencies - Check to display active currencies only.
  • Status - The current status of the currency type. Options are Enabled or Disabled. To enable or disable a currency type, click its toggle.
  • Currency Type - The name of the currency type.
  • ISO Code -The three-letter International Organization for Standardization (ISO) code that represent the specified currency.
  • Symbol - The graphic symbol used to represent a specific currency. For the organization's corporate currency, this displays as N/A because this value cannot be modified.
  • Rate - Displays the currency's conversion rate with respect to the organization's Corporate Currency.
  • Last Updated - Displays the date and time at which the currency was last updated. This is updated automatically.


  • Click View to view details for the selected currency type.
  • Click Edit to change currency details, decimal precisions, and change the Corporate Currency to the selected currency.

See Compensation - View/Edit Currency Types.


Click Rates for a currency to update the conversion rate between the selected currency and the Corporate Currency to match currency market changes.

See Compensation - Update Conversion Rates.

Rate History

Click Rate History to display the details of all changes made to the selected conversion rate.



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