Compensation - Manage Currency Types

The Currency Types page provides administrators with an easy, single point-of-access to manage currency types for your organization.

You can perform the following tasks on the Currency Types page:

See Standard Currency Codes for a full list of standard currencies. See Standard Currency Codes.

To access the Currency Types page, go to ADMIN > TOOLS > COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT > currencies.

Currency Types

The Currency Types table displays the following information for each currency type:

  • Corporate Currency - Displays the Currency the Organization uses as the base line for all conversion rates and payments. This be the home currency for the organization or the main static currency.
  • Hide inactive currencies - Check to display active currencies only.
  • Status - The current status of the currency type. Options are Enabled or Disabled. To enable or disable a currency type, click its toggle.
  • Currency Type - The name of the currency type.
  • ISO Code -The three-letter International Organization for Standardization (ISO) code that represent the specified currency.
  • Symbol - The graphic symbol used to represent a specific currency. For the organization's corporate currency, this displays as N/A because this value cannot be modified.
  • Rate - Displays the currency's conversion rate with respect to the organization's Corporate Currency.
  • Last Updated - Displays the date and time at which the currency was last updated. This is updated automatically.


  • Click View to view details for the selected currency type.
  • Click Edit to change currency details, decimal precisions, and change the Corporate Currency to the selected currency.


Click Rates for a currency to update the conversion rate between the selected currency and the Corporate Currency to match currency market changes.

Rate History

Click Rate History to display the details of all changes made to the selected conversion rate.