Compensation Task - Create - Availability

The Availability step is the same for Planning and Modeling tasks.

On the Availability step, select the managers that are assigned the compensation task. Any manager that falls within the selected availability is assigned the compensation task.

To create a compensation task, go to Admin > Tools > Compensation Management > Tasks. Then, click the Create Compensation Task link.


To set the availability, from the drop-down list, select the OU type you are using to select managers. For example, if you are selecting the managers by position, select the Position OU from the drop-down list. Then click the pop-up icon to select the appropriate OUs.

To include subordinate OUs in the availability selection, select the Include Subordinates option.


This section enables the administrator to define which administrators are able to view the compensation task in the Compensation Task Administration page. This also determines which administrators can view the View Details option for the task on the Compensation Task Administration page. Administrators must also have the Compensation Task Administration - Manage permission in order to view and manage the compensation task. When an administrator has access to a compensation task, the administrator can view the task details, extend the task, adjust budgets, reset compensation plans, track compensation plans, etc.

Note: Administrators with the Compensation Task Administration permission can view and manage all compensation tasks, regardless of the Admin Visibility settings. Also, they do not require the Compensation Task Administration - Manage permission.

Visibility can be set by OU, Group, or specific users. Select the Include Subordinates option to include subordinate OUs or users.

Back, Cancel, or Next

Click Back to navigate to the General step. See Compensation Task - Create - General.

Click Cancel to discard any unsaved changes that have been made to the compensation task and return to the Compensation Task Administration page. See Compensation Task Administration.

Click Next to proceed to the Layout step. See Compensation Task - Create - Layout.