Employee Compensation Types - View/Create/Edit

Use the Compensation Types page to view, create, and edit all types of employee compensation.

To access the Compensation Types page, go to Admin > Tools > Compensation Management > Compensation Types.

Hide inactive Compensation Types

Select to display only active compensation types in the Compensation Types table.


Click Create to open the Create Compensation Type flyout. Complete the Name (required)and Description (optional)fields, and click Save.

Compensation Types Table

The Compensation Types table provides the following information:

  • Status - Status of the compensation type. Options are active or inactive. To activate a status, move the toggle to the right; to deactivate a status, move the toggle to the left.Note: You cannot change the status of the Standard compensation type.
  • Name - Name of the compensation type. 46 characters maximum, including spaces. Required.
  • Code - the system-assigned code for this compensation type. You cannot change this code.
  • Description - Description of the compensation type.
  • Last Updated - Last date and time someone made changes to this compensation type.


Click Delete to remove a compensation type.

Click Edit to open the flyout to make changes to a compensation type.


To localize the Name or Description fields, click the Edit button to open the flyout, then click the globe for the appropriate field.