Compensation Plan - Edit Approved Plan

When an administrator edits an approved compensation plan, the administrator is able to make changes to the plan without routing the plan through the approval workflow. The administrator must adhere to all adjustment guidelines and budget rules. The administrator has the same editing options as the original compensation manager, including editing allocations and adding comments. Only custom fields that are available to the administrator are displayed. If the administrator edits a plan that contains a component that uses the Cascaded Budget type, any changes that are made to the cascaded budget component are automatically locked, regardless of the task configuration. Any available budget is automatically rolled up to the next-level compensation manager.

Note: When an administrator edits an approved compensation plan, eligibility and budgets are not recalculated.

When the administrator clicks Save when editing an approved compensation plan, a confirmation pop-up appears. This appears regardless of whether any changes are made. This pop-up confirms that the administrator would like to save any changes that have been made to the approved compensation plan.

  • Save - Click this button to save the changes and bypass the approval workflow. The changes are not saved until this button is clicked. Once changes are saved, they cannot be undone unless the compensation plan is edited again. If configured in Email Administration, the Compensation Plan Edited email is triggered.
  • Cancel - Click this button to discard any changes that have been made.

Note: The system provides a history of the administrator who modifies an approved plan. However, the system does not track the specific changes that are made.