Adjustment Guidelines - Overview

Adjustment guidelines determine an individual's increase for any compensation component as it relates to salary, bonus, or equity compensation.

These guidelines can be created as specific amounts, can implement a recommendation matrix or custom formula, and can be discretionary or non-discretionary. Adjustment guidelines can be created by Organizational Unit (OU).

To create an adjustment guideline, go to Admin > Tools > Compensation Management > Adjustment Guidelines. Then, click the Create New Adjustment Guideline link.

The options that you select in the Name and Component sections, determine the additional sections that you see on this page.


In the Name field, enter a name for the adjustment guideline. This name is only visible to administrators with access to this page.


Select the appropriate compensation Type and associated Component. Note: The available options in the Components drop-down are based on the selected Type.

Note: If none of the default components work for you, you can create new components by going to Admin > tools > compensation.