View Certification Enrollment

The Certification Enrollment page displays a list of all users currently enrolled in the certification and users that are in a Revoked status. This page enables administrators and managers to see an overview of the certification and to view the progress details for each user in the certification. Administrators and managers can remove users from a certification. Administrators and certification owners also have the ability to edit the certification due date.

To access the Certification Enrollment, go to Learning > Certification Management or Certification > Certification Management. Then, next to the appropriate certification, select the View Users icon . Note: The navigation instructions to access the Certification Management page may vary, as it is configurable by system administrators.

To edit the certification due date, click the Edit Due Date link. Note: This option is only available for one time certifications as well as the initial and renewal periods for fixed date certifications. For fixed date certifications, the change only applies to the current period. See Edit Certification Due Date.

In the list of users enrolled in the certification, the following information is displayed for each user:

  • Name
  • User ID
  • Identifier
  • Version
  • Current Status

To search for users that are enrolled in the certification, you can search by OU using the Select OU Criteria drop-down list, or you can enter the user's last name in the search field and click the Search button.

To view the user's certification details, click the View Details icon in the Options column for the appropriate user. This loads the certification player for that user's certification.

To remove a user from the certification, click the Delete icon in the Options column. Note: When removing a certification, any learning objects that have already been requested by the user will remain on the user's transcript.