Certification Requests - Past Requests

From the View Past Requests page, administrators can view past certification exception requests including the certification owner who made the decision, the decision, and any comments that were made regarding the decision.

The View Past Requests page is accessed from the Manage Certifications page.

To access the View Past Requests page:

  1. Go to Certifications > Manage Certifications, and then click the Manage Pending Requests link.
  2. Click the Past Requests tab.

To export the list of displayed certification requests to Excel, click the Export to Excel link. Export to Excel supports exports of up to 3000 users at once.

The following information displays for each past certification exception request:

  • Requested By - The user who requested the exception.
  • Date - The date the request was made.
  • Certificate Title - The certificate title for which an exception was requested. Click the title to view the details of the title.
  • Owner - The owner who responded to the exception request.
  • Decision - The decision made by the owner.
  • Comment - Any comments left by the owner when responding to the request. If no comment was left, a value of "None" displays.