Certification Bulk Removal Tool

The Certification Bulk Removal tool allows administrators to remove users from a certification in bulk. Using this tool, administrators can populate a CSV file with the Certification ID and multiple User IDs, then upload this CSV file to the system and allow the users to be processed for bulk removal from the certification.


  • Only one certification can be processed per file. If you need to remove users in bulk from more than one certification, you will need to create a separate CSV file for each certification.
  • The maximum file size is 1MB, and one file can be uploaded at a time.
  • Both inactive and active users included in the certification removal file will be removed from the certification.


This functionality is automatically enabled in all portals using the Learning module.


The following permission applies to this functionality:

CSV Bulk Certification Removal - Manage​

Grants administrators access to the Certification Removal Tool. The Certification Removal tool can be used to remove users from a certification in bulk.

This permission can be constrained by the following: Restrict to User’s Organization Units,​ Restrict to Custom Organizational Units​, Restrict to Organizational Units​, Restrict to Groups.

Any constraints on this permission are applied to the jobs displayed on the Certification Removal Tool job page. The constraints do not apply to the users included in the CSV file.

Constraints Example: Admin A is part of Division A and has this permission constrained to Division: Division B. Admin A would see any certification removal jobs that they created AND any certification removal jobs that were created by administrators that are in Division B.

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