xAPI - View Time in Transcript Details

With this enhancement, the amount of time that a user spent viewing an xAPI course displays on the Training Details page when viewed by the user or another user with permission to view the user's transcript. Note: This functionality is only available for xAPI courses if an administrator has enabled the Course Catalog option to allow xAPI courses to launch in an Iframe.

To view the Training Details page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the View Transcript link, which can be accessed from the Learning tab.
  2. Click the training title of the xAPI course to view the Training Details page for the course.

Training Progress

The View Time field displays in the Training Progress section of the Training Details page for the xAPI course. The amount of time the user's course window was open displays in hours and minutes.

This field was already available for AICC and SCORM courses, and an existing Course Time Spent field was available in the Course Interaction report field section in Custom Reporting and Reporting 2.0. With this enhancement, the Course Time Spent field can also be used to report on users' view times for xAPI courses.