Training Units Overview

Training units allow organizations to create a virtual currency for use by their employees and customers in purchasing training. Internally, companies can use training units as a training budgeting tool. For extended enterprise customers, training units can be used as a virtual token.

If training is available to your users without a limit, training units should not be needed for your portal.

Training units are disabled by default. If your organization would like to use training units, please contact Global Customer Support to have it enabled for your portal.

Note: In order for users to use training unit key codes to purchase training, training unit key codes must also be enabled on the User Payment Preferences page.

Creating a Training Unit Assignment

The Training Unit Assignment creation process has four steps.

For a general overview of the process, See Training Unit Assignment - Create.

Click any of the links below for more information about the associated step in the process:

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  3. See Training Unit Assignment - Create - Step 3 - Emails.
  4. See Training Unit Assignment - Create - Step 4 - Confirm.

For information about editing a training unit assignment, See Training Unit Assignment - Edit.

For information about managing a training unit assignment, See Training Unit Administration.


Currently, ILT sessions paid for in training units are non-refundable. As a solution, the administrator can reissue training units to the user's account.

Prices charged in training units can be represented using up to two decimal places, and this always rounds up. For example, if the price of an LO is $1.50 and 1 training unit = $1, then the training unit price of the LO is 1.5 training units. If the price of an LO uses more than two decimal places (e.g., 1.234 training units), the training unit price is rounded up to the second decimal place (e.g., 1.234 is rounded to 1.24).

Also, the training unit cost is calculated on a per-item basis. For example, if a user purchases three LOs and the cost for each LO is 1.234 training units, then each LO price is rounded to the second decimal place before the costs are added together (e.g., 1.24 + 1.24 + 1.24).

Note: When purchasing training with training units, the entire purchase must be made with training units and cannot be split with another payment method. If the user has an insufficient number of training units to purchase the training, they will need to purchase more training units to complete the transaction.

Training Units (Distributed)

When implementing distributed training units, designate at least one person as a training unit creator. This person has the ability to administer all training units, including preferences and creating and assigning training units. The training unit creator then assigns training units to users or OUs and assigns a training unit distributor who redistributes the training units to individuals within an OU.

Distributed Training Units Use Cases

Company A needs to control internal training costs. They want to assign 30 training units every month to its Sales Division and allow the Sales Director to distribute these training units to individual employees within the Sales Division. Once the training units are exhausted, no more training can be taken until the next allotment of training units is assigned to the division.

Company B offers free training to its customers but wants to limit how much training each customer can take before they have to pay.

Distributed Training Units Workflow

To begin the process, the training unit creator either assigns free training units or sells training units. The creator can assign training units to either individual users or an OU. When they are assigned, the creator also designates a training unit distributor.

Once the training units are created and assigned, the training unit distributor must assign those training units to individual accounts to make them available to those users. This is the case even if training units are originally assigned to an individual.

Once the training units are redistributed to individual accounts, those users can use those training units to purchase training.

Training Units (Key Code)

With key codes, a distributor is not required to redistribute training units.

Instead of training units being distributed by a distributor, the training unit creator can assign training units to a key code. Users can then use the key code at checkout. This method uses "first come, first served" logic, where multiple users access the same bucket of training units using the same key code.

Training Unit (Keycode) is considered a separate payment method, compared to Training Unit (Distributed). Users cannot purchase additional key code training units; they can only purchase distributed training units.

Key Code Training Units Workflow

If the user does not have sufficient key code training units when checking out, the user may pay the remaining balance with any purchased or distributed training units in their account. If the user does not have sufficient training units (key code or other), the administrator may allow users to pay the remaining balance by credit card or request bill.

If a user is redeeming a key code with multiple available groups of training units, the system uses training units in the following order:

  1. Training units that are first to expire.
  2. The largest available group of training units.

Training Unit Keycode FAQs