Training Request Forms Administration

Training request forms are designed to obtain additional information from a user at the time of request. For example, a custom travel form might be attached to sessions to obtain information for your employees regarding travel booking information. The Training Request Form Administration page is where administrators can manage the training request forms available in the system. This main page has a summary view of existing forms and options to manage.

To access the Training Request Form Administration page, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Training Form Management > Manage Training Request Forms.

Search Training Request Forms

Use this field to search for an existing training request forms.

Training Request Form - Create

Click the Create New Training Request Form link to create a training request form. See Training Request Forms - Create.

Training Request Form Custom Fields - Manage

Click the Manage Training Request Form Custom Fields link to manage training request form custom fields. See Training Request Forms - Add Custom Fields.

Training Request Form Statuses - Manage

Click the Manage Training Request Form Statuses link to manage training request form statuses. See Training Request Form Statuses - Manage.

View All or Only Active

Select whether all training request forms are displayed or only active training request forms.


  1. Users - lists the number of users associated to this form. Clicking on the users icon will take you to the Users detail page for that form
  2. Active - to make forms active or inactive
  3. Edit - to edit existing form
  4. Emails - email triggers specific to each form

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