Training Request Forms - View

Training Request Forms Administration

  1. Go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Training Form Management > Manage Training Request Forms.
  2. Click the Users icon for any Form to view all users who have a learning object with that form attached.
  3. Click Details icon to see additional details.

ILT Manage Events and Sessions

  1. Go to ILT > ILT Request Forms page.
  2. Title - click to view training details
  3. Not Started - click number to view users who have not started the form
  4. Submitted -click number to view users who have submitted the form
  5. Modified - click number to view users who have modified the form
  6. Completed - click number to view users who have completed the form
  7. Cancelled - if a session is cancelled, all users Request Forms will be changed to Cancelled status
  8. View Users - click to view session with all statuses displayed

Note: If a Training Request form is not completed t before the associated training item is completed, it does not appear on the user's transcript.