Training Plan Details - On-Hold Training Needs

Users and organizational units (OUs) within a training plan who do not currently have a Plan Contributor (Manager) are in an On-hold status. While users and OUs are in an On-hold status, the system maintains any training needs that were identified by their previous Plan Contributor (Manager) so that the training needs can be used by their next Plan Contributor (Manager). Or, the Training Plan Administrator can manage those needs separately.

The On-Hold Training Needs page displays all On-hold users and OUs within the Training Plan and all of the training needs that have already been identified for those users and OUs. Only active users are displayed.

This page is only available if the training plan has users or OUs in an On-hold status.

If a training plan has on-hold users or OUs, then this page remains accessible even if the training plan period has expired. However, no organizational modification (manager modification) will be handled after the Training Plan period has expired so that the Training Plan remains at the state that it was when it was validated.

To access the On-Hold Training Needs page for a training plan, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Training Plans. Click the View Details icon for the training plan. Then, click the View On-hold Users link to the right of the Assigned Users field.

On-Hold Training Needs

The following information is displayed for each on-hold user or OU:

  • Previous Plan Contributor - This displays the manager who was previously serving as the Plan Contributor for the user or OU. This user is displayed even if the user is deactivated within the system.
  • Users/OUs - This displays the name of the user or OU who currently does not have a Plan Contributor (Manager). When planning for an OU, only the OU name is displayed. The users within the OU are not displayed.
  • ID - This displays the ID for the user or OU.
  • Estimated Users - This displays the estimated number of users in the corresponding OU. For individual users, this is always 1. However, for OUs, this is the current estimated number of users who require the training. This indicates the number of instances of the training that are required.
  • Training - This displays the name of the training that has been identified as a need for the corresponding user or OU.
  • Training Type - This displays the training type that corresponds with the training need (e.g., Material, Subject, and External Training) depending on the Training Plan configuration.