Training Demand Forecasting

Training Demand Forecasting enables an organization to forecast training demand by collecting and reviewing training needs and requests. Collection of these needs enables the organization to plan, budget, assess, and implement an effective training program. Also, reporting tools enable the organization to view the needs for a segment of the organization and compare those needs across the broader organization.

Organizations must use the Learning module of the application and have training populated in the catalog to use training plans.

To implement training plans, administrators must first create training plan templates, which is the administrative function that sets the parameters and rules for the training plan. The training plan template defines the Plan Contributors, who are users in the organization who participate in gathering training requests. The training plan template also defines the Plan Managers, who are users in the organization responsible for reviewing the training plans created by the Plan Contributors. Lastly, the training plan template also defines for whom the training plans are planning (i.e., who receive the training that is forecasted in the training plan). After all training requests have been gathered, administrators use reporting tools to analyze the data collected from the training plans from various parts of the organization.

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