Training Plan - Create - Step 2 - Emails

After the General section, you are taken to the Emails section.

To create a training plan, go to Admin > Learning > Training Plans. Then, click the Create New Plan link.

When creating a training plan, there are five possible steps, General, Emails, Date Criteria, Plan Contributors, and Plan Managers. These steps are listed on the left navigation with the current step highlighted. You cannot advance to the next step until each of the required fields has been satisfied. You can return to previous steps once they have been completed or during editing by clicking the appropriate link on the left navigation.

In the Emails section of the Create Training Plan process, you define which emails should be triggered regarding training plans.

You can customize email triggers for training plans, use the standard email triggers from the Email Administration page, or disable emails for the training plan.

When complete, click Next to continue to the Date Criteria section. See Training Plan - Create - Step 3 - Date Criteria.

You have the following options for training plan assignment emails:

  • System Defaults - This will use the default emails based on settings and availability from the Email Administration page.
  • Custom Emails - This allows you to customize the emails for this training plan. The list of customizable emails is listed below in the Email Administration section.
  • No Emails - No emails will be sent regarding this training plan.

The available email triggers are:

  • Training Plan Assigned - This email is triggered when a training plan is assigned and is triggered on the first day of the access period for a user who is a plan contributor or plan manager. The administrator can set a reminder before or after the training is assigned.
  • Training Plan Due - This email is triggered on the last day of an access period for a plan contributor and also on the last day of a plan manager segment for a plan manager. The administrator can set a reminder before the due date arrives.
  • Training Plan Submitted - This email is triggered when a plan contributor's training plan is submitted.
  • Training Plan Removed - This email is triggered when a plan contributor or manager is manually removed from a training assignment via the View Details page. This email is also triggered when a plan contributor segment or plan manager segment is removed from the plan.

Troubleshooting Information

The following pages contain troubleshooting guides for using emails: