Training Order Form - Create

The Training Order Form Administration page allows the administrators to set the details of the training order form, including which LOs are included in the offer. Administrators can combine custom page functionality with training order forms in order to place a training order form on a custom page for users.

Once a training order form is created, the training order form link appears on the users' Welcome Page in the Order Forms widget if the widget is enabled. Note: The number of links that appear in the Order Forms widget is determined by the administrator in the Welcome Page preferences. The widget can display up to 10 order form links.

To enable training order forms for your portal, contact Global Customer Support.

To create a training order form, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Training Form Management > Manage Training Order Forms. Then, click the Create New Training Order Form link.

For each order form, enter the following information:

  • Order Form Widget Title - This is the title that appears in the Order Forms widget on the Welcome page. The character limit for this field is 20.
  • Page Header - The title that appears on the order form page. The character limit for this field is 50.
  • Description - The description that appears on the order form page below the page header. This field accepts HTML code and the character limit is 2000.
  • Active - Select this option to make the order form active. If this option is not selected, the order form page is not accessible and the link to the page no longer appears on the user's Welcome page widget.
  • Select Items - Click the plus icon to the right of the Select Items heading to add learning objects to the order form. The learning objects selected here are available to users on the order form. The training items available for selection is constrained by the order form creator's LO availability. Click the Remove icon to delete the LO from the order form.
  • Availability - Use the Select Criteria drop-down menu to select availability for the order form. Only users selected in this section are able to view and use the order form. Best Practice: When setting availability for an order form, ensure that the included users also have availability to all the learning objects on the form. As a user, it can be frustrating to see a learning object in an available form but not be able to purchase it.

Example Order Form

If you do not have permission to manage inventory, the For Others column is not available and you cannot assign the training to other users.

  • If you do have permission to manage inventory but the item does not allow inventory purchase, "Not Available" displays in the For Others column.

If an LO is not available to the user, "Not Available" displays in the For You column.