Learning Admin Console - Overview

Learning administrators have access to the Learning Admin Console, which consolidates several training management actions into one central location, allowing them to more easily access critical training information and manage training. To access Learning Admin Console, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning admin console.

Use Cases

Hallie is a Learning Administrator for a large company. Her main objective is managing and tracking training for users who are categorized in over 100 Organizational Units. This requires her to frequently run reports to track training completions, troubleshoot issues, and work with her team of administrators.

She logs in to her organization’s portal and navigates to the Learning Admin Console. From the top of the console, various widgets allow her to easily search for training, create and manage LOs, and create proxy enrollments. She can view assigned training by status, view unsubmitted rosters for instructor-led training, see what training is requested most often, view the status of proxy enrollments, and see what training has been most highly rated. From these widgets, she can easily manage her organization’s training and gather training data.

At the bottom of the console, Hallie’s recently viewed pages and pinned links display.


Visibility of the features on the Learning Admin Console is dependent on three Learning Admin Console permissions and also the existing permissions for viewing and managing the various learning object (LO) types and learning assignments. The Learning Admin Console permissions impact the visibility of the Learning Admin Console generally, the training graph widget, and the Assigned Training and Assigned Past Due widgets. Existing permissions for LO type management and Learning Assignment Tool impact the visibility of the Create options and the other console widgets.

The following constraints criteria is available for permissions which can be constrained:

  • Restrict to Provider
  • Restrict to OU
  • Restrict to Training Type
  • Restrict to User’s OU
  • Restrict to User Self and Subordinates
  • Restrict to User’s ILT Provider
  • Restrict to ILT Provider
  • Restrict to User
  • Restrict to Training Item

For more information about constraining permissions, please see Security Role - Create - Constraints.

Note: If an administrator’s permissions to view various data on the Learning Admin Console is constrained, the data they are able to view in the reporting widgets is limited by those constraints. For example, if an administrator has the permission to view ILT sessions, but the permission is constrained to an ILT Provider, the user can only see session data related to that ILT provider on the Learning Admin Console.



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