Learning Admin Console - Manage Widgets

The gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Learning Admin Console allows administrators to manage the visibility of the widgets on their own console and customize it according to their needs. To manage the Learning Admin Console widgets, click the gear icon.

Manage Widgets

The Manage Widgets pop-up window contains two columns:

  • Visible - Check or uncheck the boxes in this column to make the corresponding widgets visible on the console or hide the widget from the console. All widgets are set to visible by default.
  • Widget Name - This column displays the name of each Learning Admin Console widget. The widgets can be dragged and dropped into a different display order if needed. Widgets display in the defined order on the console. Note: Only widgets the administrator has permission to view on the console appear in the Manage Widgets pop-up window.

After making changes to the Manage Widgets page, the administrator can click Save to save and apply the changes to the Learning Admin Console, or they can click Cancel to discard the changes without affecting the Learning Admin Console.

Note: The modified visibility and order of the widgets applies to the individual user only. The system administrator cannot order the widgets on the Learning Admin Console for other administrators.