Learning Admin Console - Create Learning Objects

The Learning Admin Console allows administrators to create several different types of learning objects (LOs) and create learning assignments from one central location. Using the Create button in the upper-right hand corner of the console, administrators with the appropriate permissions can create the following:

  • Certifications
  • Curricula
  • Events
  • Libraries
  • Materials
  • Online Courses
  • Programs
  • Learning Assignments
  • Tests
  • Videos

Create Object

To create an LO or run a learning assignment from the Learning Admin Console, click the Create button and select Assignment or the training item you want to create. You are navigated to the first step of the process for creating the item you have chosen (For example, if you select to create a learning assignment, you will be navigated to the first step of creating a learning assignment, which is the Setup page).

Clicking Cancel, Save, or Submit during the LO or learning assignment creation process redirects the administrator back to the Learning Admin Console.

Note: The existing permissions for each system area control the visibility of each option in the Create drop-down menu. Available options display alphabetically. If the administrator does not have permissions to create an LO or learning assignments, the Create button does not display on the Learning Admin Console.