Versioning Materials and Courses in Curricula

The robust back-to-back Curriculum versioning workflows make sure that the users are always assigned the right version of the Curriculum or Curriculum Child LOs to remain compliant. It avoids and prevents erroneous versioning and assignment of training to end users for back-to-back scenarios. Administrators who can version Curricula can see if the versioning is still in progress via an icon if versioning happened through administrator structure changes.

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Materials or online course LOs belonging to the same Curriculum are versioned back-to-back. It creates the latest version of all Materials or Online Course LOs in the latest version of the Curriculum (Child LO Versioning).

Use Case 2: Material M1v1 is part of Curriculum C1v1 and M1v1 is versioned to M1v2. However, if Material M3v1 is added to Curriculum C1v1 via administrator structure changes causing the Curriculum to version, then the Curriculum will have M1v2 and M3v1 in the latest Curriculum version, thus maintaining consistency.

Use Case 3: Material M1v1 is part of Curriculum C1v1 and M1v1 is versioned to M1v2. However, if M1v1 is removed from C1v1 via administrator structure changes, then the Curriculum will not get versioned, as Child LO Material M1v1 will be removed from the Curriculum structure.

Use Case 4: Curriculum C1v1 is a child LO under the Parent Curriculum C2v1. If we version Material M1v1 to M1v2 under C1v1, triggering the child LO versioning flow, C1v1 will be versioned to C1v2, and C2v1 gets versioned to C2v2. But if we version C1v2 to C1v3 via an administrator structure change, then C2v2 remains C2v2 and no parent Curriculum versioning happens.

When a child LO is removed from the Curriculum structure by an administrator and when a child LO versioning requests occur for the same LO at the same time, the Curriculum versioning does not occur as the Child LO no longer exists in the Curriculum Structure.