Create Tool - Overview

The Create Tool allows users to create and manage learning content using a content authoring solution that is directly integrated with the Course Catalog.

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To access the Create Tool, go to: Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management and click the Create Tool link.

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Creating New Content:

Victoria is an Instructional Designer at ACME Studios. Her objective is to fill knowledge gaps in her organization. Once her organization purchases the Create Tool, she is able to create new courses directly within the Cornerstone system and publish it directly to the Course Catalog, allowing Victoria to do her job more quickly and efficiently.

Use Case 2: Revising Pre-made Content:

Leon is an Instructional Designer at Apollo Enterprises. He is looking for ways to provide his organization with more robust learning content. His organization is subscribed to Cornerstone's Content Anytime subscriptions, which feature Grovo courses. The Grovo courses fit nearly all of the requirements for his organization, but he would like to rewrite some of the quiz questions to be company-specific. Once his organization purchases Create Tool, he is able to edit existing Grovo content and include revised content prior to publishing it to the Course Catalog.


  • The Create Tool does not support SCORM courses. It only supports AICC courses.
  • The Create Tool is currently only available in English. However, it can be used to create content in other languages.
  • Content created using the Create Tool is mobile-responsive, but the Create Tool itself is NOT mobile responsive.
  • Answers to quizzes within courses created with the Create Tool are not available in reporting.
  • Organizations already using the Create Tool through Grovo will NOT have any existing courses they have already created through Grovo migrated to the Cornerstone system.


Licenses for this functionality are available for an additional cost to organizations using the Learning module. The Create Tool can only be accessed by license holders, and additional enablement must be done in order for the Create Tool to be accessible to license holders in the portal. The Create Tool has a cost associated with it. For more information about pricing, please contact your Account Manager.

Once the Create Tool is made available in a portal, it can be added as a link in a navigation tab via Navigation Tabs & Links.