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Playlists and External Content

Playlists are collections of learning content curated by users with permission to create playlists. Playlists allow curators to easily share their knowledge with learners in a path-like structure. Playlists can be created and accessed from Learner Home, Learning Search, and users’ Manage Playlists page. Users with permission to view playlists can access other users' public playlists from Learner Home, while users with permission to create playlists can create playlists of their own, which can be made public if desired so other users can access them. The Manage Playlists page allows users to view and manage playlists they have created and also quickly access playlists they are following.

Note: The Private toggle must be OFF in order for Playlists to be searchable and visible to other users.

External content is a training type which can be created only when building playlists, allowing playlist creators to not only include internal training in their playlists , but also content that exists outside the system, such as Youtube videos, books, training courses, and more. External content can be added to the learning transcript and completed like other training types, and its availability can be set via the Course Console by administrators if desired. When external content is added to a playlist, it is also added as a stand alone learning object to the Course Catalog. This means these items can be found within playlists, on Learner Home, Learning Search, and in the Course Catalog (for administrators). Certain external content information can also be reported on.

Important: Learner Home must be enabled in the portal in order for Playlist and External Content functionality to be available.

See the documentation below for more information about playlists and external content:


See the documentation below for more information about playlists:

External Content

See the documentation below for more information about external content:


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