Assessments Home

On the Assessments Home page, administrators can view and manage their organization's assessments. Administrators can also begin creating a new assessment from this page.

To access the Assessments Home page, go to: Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management and click the Learning Assessments BETA link.

The following features and fields are available on the Assessments Home page:

  • Search - To search for a specific assessment, enter a search term into the Search bar. The page results will update as you type.
  • Create Assessment - Click the Create Assessment to begin creating a new assessment.
  • Assessments Table - The Assessments Table displays the assessments which have been created in your portal
    • Status - The Status column displays the current status of the assessment. Currently, assessments can only be in a Draft status.
    • Title - This field displays the title of the assessment.
    • # of Questions - This field displays the number of questions contained within the assessment.
    • Last Updated Date - This field displays the date on which the assessment was last modified by an administrator.
    • Last Updated By - This fields displays the name of the last user who updated the assessment.
    • Created Date - This field displays the date on which the assessment was originally created, along with the name of the assessment creator.
    • Created By - This field displays the name of the user who created the assessment.
    • Options - Click the ... button for an assessment to access additional options for managing the assessment. The following options may be available:
      • Edit Assessment - Click this option to modify the assessment.
      • Preview Assessment - Click this option to preview the assessment from the end user perspective.
      • Delete - Click this option to delete the assessment.