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Assessment Review

When reviewing an assessment attempt as an end user, you can view the assessment questions, the selections made or text provided, whether the question was answered correctly, and the correct answer. At this time, administrators with permission to manage the Test Engine will have access to a review link and will see all of this information. Review-level controls will be implemented in a future release.

To review an assessment attempt, find the assessment on the Assessments Home page and launch the assessment. If the assessment attempt was not completed or not passed, the Intro screen displays for the assessment. If the assessment was passed, the Results screen displays and the administrator can click the Review button. Currently, only administrators have access to the Learning Assessments beta, so only administrators with permission to manage the Test Engine may review assessment attempts. The assessment attempt must have received a passing score in order to be reviewed.


The Assessment Review experience displays each section of the assessment on a separate page, and each question in the section displays in a read-only format.

  • If the question was answered correctly, a green checkmark displays next to the correct answer, except in the case of Text Only type questions, which display a green notification stating, "You answered this question correctly." Text Only type questions also display a list of all acceptable answers.
  • If a multiple choice/multiple answer question or a text only question was answered incorrectly, the incorrectly selected answer displays with a red X and the correct answer is marked with a green checkmark. A red notification also displays, stating, "You did not answer this question correctly."
  • For multiple choice/multiple answer questions, if all the correct answers were not selected, a red notification displays, stating, "You did not select all the correct answers."
  • For all question types, if the question was not answers, a red notification displays, stating, "You did not answer this question."

Whether the question was answered correctly or incorrectly, the explanation provided by the assessment creator displays for the question. If no explanation was provided by the administrator, the Explanation field does not display. Any questions the user flagged while taking the assessment display with a darkened flag icon in the upper-right corner of the question tile. Flagged questions are also highlighted in yellow.

To navigate between the different sections of the assessment review, you can click the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the page. To exit the review, click the Exit button in the upper-right of the page.


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