Learning Assessments (Open Beta) - Learning Assignment Tool

Published learning assessments can be assigned to users' transcripts via the Learning Assignment Tool (LAT).

To create a new learning assignment, go to Admin > Tools > Learning and click the Assignment Tool link. From the Manage Learning Assignments page, click the Create Assignment button.

Assign Assessment

To assign an assessment to users' transcripts, simply select the assessment learning object (LO) as the assignment training during the Setup step of the standard assignment creation process. When searching for training to assign, the assignment creator can filter by the Assessment training type, if needed. Configure the rest of the standard learning assignment as desired. When the assignment is submitted, the users selected for the assignment will receive the selected assessment on their transcripts.

For more information about creating a learning assignment: See Create Learning Assignment - Overview.


  • Only standard learning assignments can currently be used to assign assessments to users' transcripts. Dynamic assignments are not yet supported.


The following exclusions apply to the LAT when being used to assign an assessment:

  • The administrator can only configure the assignment as Assigned, Approved, and Registered (all other options are disabled)
  • Due date options cannot be set
  • Email options cannot be configured
  • The administrator cannot set a new occurrence for the assignment
  • The assignment cannot be configured as recurring

Note: These exclusions apply to all training types if multiple training items are included with an assessment in a single assignment. For example, if the assignment contains a curriculum, a material, and an assessment, the LAT limitations for assessments will be applied to the curriculum and material as well during the assignment creation process.